Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been teased so much by snow this year, it's not funny! Literally, it seemed that every time it snowed in the past couple of weeks, it would snow everywhere BUT Jonesville. Well, we finally got a beautiful snow! Too bad Elijah is too little to enjoy it, but that certainly didn't stop Justin and Jazz! Elijah and I got spoiled having Daddy at home Sunday night and all day Monday! We had such a relaxing day yesterday. That's right, my son is only 12 days old and we had a relaxing day. He is such a great baby!

Elijah and I checking out his first snow

Jazz checking out the snow with Justin

I finally took an outside picture of our house!


Rebecca said...

awww... he is precious...

is justin outside in shorts and sandals?!?

you how is awesome!!!
send some luck this way when we look to move :-)

erin blakley said...

yes...my husband really knows how to dress!! :)

Linda said...

Oh my goodness, what a proud grandmother you have made me. I love the picture of you holding Elijah while looking at the snow.
Also of his dad singing to him is
priceless. Give Elijah a big hug
and kiss for me. love, grandmommy