Monday, August 17, 2009

musical monday

Yesterday, Justin chose to end the service with one of my favorite songs. My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness was the first song we sang when we came to Elkin Valley because we just love it and love to introduce the Getty's songs to others. No matter what you are going through today, if you are a child of God, your heart should be filled with thankfulness for what God has done for you. Yes, what God did FOR YOU. It continually amazes me that God not only sent His only son to die for me, but He worked in my life to draw me toward Him, now helping me to even be able to have thankfulness in my heart for what He has done. I can do nothing apart from Christ! Allow these words to penetrate your heart and remind you of what God has done for you. ...and thank Him!

My heart is filled with thankfulness to him who bore my pain
Who plumbed the depths of my disgrace and gave me life again
Who crushed my curse of sinfulness and clothed me in his light
And wrote his law of righteousness with power upon my heart.

My heart is filled with thankfulness to him who walks beside
Who floods my weaknesses and strengths and causes fear to fly
Whose every promise is enough for every step I take
Sustaining me with arms of love and crowning me with grace.

My heart is filled with thankfulness to him who reigns above
Whose wisdom is my perfect peace, whose every thought is love
For every day I have on earth is given by the King
So I will give my life, my all, to love and follow him.

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