Sunday, February 21, 2010

elijah's 1st birthday in pictures

Elijah's first birthday card had stickers on it, so that was a lot of fun!

Yummy oatmeal and blueberries for the birthday boy!

We ate lunch at McDonald's where Elijah got a fun toy

Justin filled Elijah's truck with balloons during his nap

And it didn't take long for Elijah to play with them all!

Elijah saw his presents first thing, but only cared about the bow!

Elijah and Aunt Jeni watching the bubbles!

Elijah's new truck..

...and he thought he was done opening presents!

"Who keeps sticking a balloon to my head?!"

How cool! Elijah's first barn!

Checking out the pig with Daddy

So exciting! All these toys!

A new Elijah can talk someone else's ear off all day!

Excited about new tools!

All the men checking out the workbench!

"Get this paper out of here!"

"Ooh!  A jukebox to dance to!"

Elijah's going to be our percussionist!

Can't believe he's 1 already!

Finally figured out how to dig into the cake!

"Bye bye cake.  I love you!"

"Whew!  Look at that belly!"

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Linda said...

Enjoyed Elijah's party! He's got lots to occupy him and have fun with for a while now--with Mom and Dad's help, of course. He loved that Yummy cake Mom made with all the little "balls" and baloons. You did great a job and the cream cheese icing was delicious as Elijah soon decided. I loved watching him eating the Pizza crust--definitely soothing to his gums! Can't wait to show you our pictures on Tuesday.