Thursday, February 18, 2010

my favorite first year books

Books have totally been my area of shopping weakness this year.  At least if you call 25 cents here and 50 cents there a weakness!  I just can't help but look for books everywhere we go.  I've picked up lots of books at the Goodwill, yard sales and consignment shops for Elijah!  Our next weekly activity to start is going to the library!  I definitely love the time that Elijah and I have reading together, almost as much as I love watching Justin and Elijah read together.  I think that reading with Elijah has been the biggest area where we get to see him grow each week.  Watching your child interact with books in new ways as they learn is so exciting and special.  Here are a few that we have loved reading with Elijah during his first year:

Baby's First Library - Numbers

This is one of my favorite books!  I think I chose it too often and now Elijah is getting tired of it, though.  Each page has a huge, colorful number on it, with a colorful object of that amount on the opposite page.  Elijah loves it because the first page is 1 Ball.  Perfect for introducing numbers and different objects! We got this as a gift and I am having a difficult time locating any other books from this publisher at a reasonable price...but I'm gonna keep trying.  

Where's Spot? (Lift the Flap)

I picked up this book at the Good Will one day.  Ours actually has the sign language in the book as well.  Elijah loves to lift the flaps looking for Spot and says "No!" each time until we find him! Love it!

First 100 Words (Bright Baby)

I found this at a consignment shop a few weeks ago and it quickly became one of Elijah's favorites.  The whole book basically looks like the cover - with lots of objects labeled in squares around the page.  It's so neat to ask Elijah to point to the different things he recognizes.  He loves this book!  I saw it at Wal-Mart the other day in case you're interested.  

Pooh's Piano Book

We received this as a shower gift and this is easily one of Elijah's favorite books.  We sit it on our ottoman so he can push the buttons/keys and he'll just dance along.  I actually got him to follow the lights the other day and play along with the song.  I think this will be a favorite book for awhile.  

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is another book we received as a gift that is probably my absolute favorite to read to Elijah.  This was probably the first book I really read to him consistently, so I memorized it pretty quickly.  I like Eric Carle's writing, so I'm eager to get more of his books someday. 

Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book)

Another book we received as a gift that we have absolutely loved!  This was a fun book to watch Elijah grow with.  This is just a great book for interacting, since it lets your child look in the mirror, play peek-a-boo, and even smell the flowers.  Unfortunately, I let Elijah loose with this one a few too many times and he tore the cover off!

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