Saturday, February 6, 2010


There is such a wonder in a child's eyes that I am so quickly falling in love with in Elijah.  Elijah causes me to stop and think about things that I might not normally think about because I'm trying to teach him about different things.  This week, Elijah's big interest has been in bird watching.  Justin taught Elijah how to sign bird, so he has been all about finding them.  There haven't been too many around in this crazy weather, but we've spent several moments at the windows and walking around looking for any bird we can find.  How sweet!  I just love how Elijah's eyes just fixate on the bird when he finally sees it.  Quite a reminder that nothing God made is unimportant.  Through Elijah's eyes, I have a renewed interest in the smaller things that didn't always grab my attention.  That's something I struggle with...losing my the Lord, in the things He created, in the big and small ways He takes care of me every day.  I know Elijah will help me pause and think more about God's awesomeness in the little moments of the day. 

Elijah's hilarious to watch all day.  He gets excited about everything that he knows the word to.  This boy has quite the vocabulary for a (almost) one-year-old.  I keep meaning to write down the words he says, so I thought I would start here. 

Words Elijah signs:
all done

Words Elijah says:
ball (a gazillion times a day)
door (almost a gazillion times a day)
Jazz (azz)
toy (Toy-ee cute)
bible (Bi-buul)
baby (Ba-beeee - any time he sees a picture of a baby or himself....or in the mirror!)
banana ("nana")
window (dow)
elbow (bel-bow)
towel (toll)
apple (bapple)
pray (pay ...too cute - see the video below!)
turtle (tu-tle)
...and many more, but probably I only understand them so I guess they don't count!

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Linda said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! To see his little hands ready to Thank God. Keep doing what you're doing, Mom & Dad. Prov. 22:6