Friday, February 12, 2010

feedback friday

On Fridays, I'd like to pose a question to you guys.  Please take a second and give some feedback on today's question(s).  I guess you'll be able to tell what's been on my mind this week.  (Sorry, this one's mostly for moms, I guess).  Have a great weekend!

1.  Do babies all go through a stage where they don't want to be on the changing table? ...and when will it end??

2.  Do you have a sippy cup that you actually love?  one that you hate??


Terra Jones said...

1. Do babies all go through a stage where they don't want to be on the changing table? ...and when will it end?? -- Let's see, with Keaton it started around 1 day old and he's almost 3.... lol...Benjamin JUST started it...but, toys/singing/funny faces usually keeps him long enough - or having Keaton stand and talk to B will keep his attention all day.

2. Do you have a sippy cup that you actually love? one that you hate?? Hate most of them, lol. we like straw cups - I think ours are gerber, all the pieces come apart & it's super easy to clean (I'd check, but they are all in the wash right now) ;-) I got them at Target & are BPA free

Terra Jones said...

I lied - it's playtex, lol :) But we love them

Talia said...

1. I would say that both of our boys went through this stage. And as soon as it came, I stopped using the changing table and started changing them on the floor with a floor mat if I needed it. I couldn't handle it : ). And, there is so much more room to spread out all your diaper stuff.

2. The only ones I ever buy are the Playtex ones. I agree, Terra. We love them too! I have bought others and they always leak. I don't have any problems with playtex leaking. Just make sure to take all the pieces apart for washing. However, I do not like the Playtex straw kind. The straw leaks.

Terra Jones said...

We had a set of playtex straw cups that did leak and I called them and replaced them w/ the exact same kind, but no leaks...We've bought a ton since then no problems. Benjamin won't drink out of a "regular" style sippy, so we go w/ they're better for motor skill development (which I would laugh at as hooey, but since Benjamin has MUCH better speech than Keaton, I'm almost sold on that idea, lol)

Erin said...

huh...good to know about the straw/development...interesting...thanks for the info, girls. I was going through Elijah's closet yesterday and we have 4 playtex cups someone gave us for 12 month olds. I'll wash them soon!

Kelly said...

Erin - We hate straw cups in our house...all the ones I bought leak...I've tried different brands. I like Gerber and Playtex regular sippy cups. They work great for us.
Also, I really have no tips on changing except to be consistent and let him know that he is ok.
Can't believe that he will be 1 this week!