Monday, August 30, 2010

Daily Magnets

Thanks for stopping by for the first day of K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Sister!  Check out the details below if you would like to join in on sharing your ideas for keeping things simple.

Today, we are focusing on keeping it simple in the home.

One of the things that helps me to keep things simple in my home is organizing tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly duties.  For so long I would keep this in a folder or on my computer to help keep me stay on track, but I found that I wouldn't look there to see what I wanted to get done each day, and tasks just went undone.

That's when I decided to keep the cleaning and organization of our home on track by making my own daily magnets to remind me. Basically, if I don't have a plan, cleaning just doesn't get done.  So here is my plan: I have 5 magnets that include tasks that I want to get done on Monday through Friday of each week.  The top portion of the magnet includes items that I want to be intentional about doing at least weekly and the bottom portion includes tasks that can be done on a monthly basis.

I made the lists into a decorative picture in Photoshop and then inserted them into magnetic photo holders that I found on the picture frame aisle in Wal-Mart.  Not too much time or money! 

I realize it may be too over-the-top and not simplified for some of you, but maybe, just maybe this will seem simple to someone.  To me, it's simple because it includes reminders like cleaning out my e-mail inbox once a month, organizing my photos, and cleaning out my refrigerator.  Doing these tasks "when the magnet says to" helps me to stay on top of the organizing and cleaning that I might not recognize until it gets so out of hand that it is overwhelming.

Take for instance, the pantry.  If I clean it out well just once a month (when the magnet says to), then I am able to better see what items I have on hand and be sure to use items that may be close to expiring.  And to me, that makes things in my home a little more simple.

The main thing is just doing it! When I complete the weekly and monthly tasks according to my magnetic schedule, then my home is so much more manageable and tasks are simpler.

What ideas do you have for keeping it simple in your home?

If you blog about a simple idea for your home, then feel free to link up your post below.  If you aren't a blogger, then leave a comment about a favorite simple idea in your home.  

And Keep It Simple, Sister!


Kelly said...

Thank you so much for these lists!!! I am going to copy a lot of this...I've been looking for a way to do this as well!

Erin said...

Good, Kelly! I'm glad you can use it! I've followed them so well this week and my days are so much easier!