Saturday, June 23, 2007

blogging bum

So...I am officially a blogging bum. I am terrible with coming up with things to say. So, for those of you who have given up on reading this, I figured I would at least let you know I am alive. Since graduation I have realized that I really do not have a life. Justin and I have both said several times, "We have got to find a hobby." And it's true. Hmmm...I'm still trying to figure out what exactly there really is to do in Roxboro. So far this week I have just been addicted to Craig's list...not exactly what I would hope to be my hobby. Also...we've become obsessed with finding a dog. We got to hold a yorkshire terrier at the pet store yesterday and that is definitely what I want! One step at a time...I have got to trust Justin with a dog before I can trust him with a human. :) Speaking of...Sheila...Olivia had better be here soon! We are excited for you and Andrew! Another realization I have come to this week - the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is amazing. I finally used one the other day and I seriously went around my whole house (ok, this didn't take long) looking for every neglected spot on these old walls. I really did feel like a magician or something. Spots have never come off so easily! (Told you my life is boring!) Pray for a hobby so next time I won't just be an infomercial!

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Rebecca said...

Hey babe- I am such a blogging bum also- my friend jess keeps gettin after me... she always has such cute stories about her son... me... not so much :-)