Friday, July 16, 2010

free stuff!

As I wrote in my last post, one of my "go to" websites is Southern Savers.  Mostly because it is a "one-stop" place on the internet to compile my shopping list for the week and it helps me immensely to stay within our grocery budget.  I follow this blog and a few others that have writers that are really doing the behind the scenes hard work to help me find some great deals each week.  I really appreciate that!

One thing I have found by following these "frugal savvy" blogs is that there are lots of free items available - just waiting for someone to grab them.  Because of this, it has become quite a treat to go to my mailbox each day.  Just by simply filling out a few random forms each week that these frugal blog writers round up, I now receive at least 3 coupons or free items in the mail each week.  I love that the free items I get are now starting to put a dent in the bills and junk mail I receive! (And no, I have not noticed any more junk mail because of these freebies I have received).

I have received samples of haircare items, coffee, sweeteners, granola bars, crackers, body wash, and diapers, just to name a few.  I have also received lots of coupons for free stuff.  That's the kind of mail I enjoy getting!  Just the other week, I opened my mailbox and was surprised to find these items:

Pretty impressive mail items!  And these were free! Here's what was inside: 

3 Pampers diapers of a new style and a few packets of Crystal Light.  Also, there were about $11 worth of coupons in these packages!  I was quite surprised.  And did I say that they were free!!

I say all this just to let you know (if you don't already) that there is free stuff just waiting to be claimed!  These items above are both from Vocal Point where you can join to be "in the know" about free stuff and other offers.  Other blogs I like to check out for free items and good deals are:

So, go grab yourself some free stuff.  If you get it and you don't need it - give it away.  You can make someone else's day!

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