Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i heart cvs!

I haven't told many people, but I have definitely become the "Zippered-Folder-with-a-Ton-of-Coupons-Grocery-Shopping-Lady."  Yikes!  It's not that I'm ashamed of what I've become, I have just not quite mastered or figured out how to handle my new self.  There are days that I do revert and go back to my "No Menu Plan, No Shopping List" persona, but I honestly don't like her very much.  Then there are days that I become "No Menu Plan with a Shopping List" Woman and I think I get even more frustrated with her!

All that to say - I love coupons and the amount of money I can save, but the hassle is sometimes more that I am up to handling in a week!  When I do stay on top of couponing (cutting, filing, using), then I feel quite at peace with my new self.

One place that makes me completely fall in love again with my zippered folder is CVS.  I leave there feeling as if I am making money and that is just a good feeling!  I've tried to hang in there with Walgreens and Rite-Aid, but I just can't deal with them any longer.  CVS is where my heart is.

For example ...I have done so well there lately with coupons, ECB's (Extra Care Bucks) and sale prices, it's just incredible.  One week I got Justin 4 deodorants for free.  Then I got him 4 body washes for free.  Then a free razor.  This boy is seriously clean, good smelling, and smooth!  I have also made some pretty good getaways with cheap diapers on my CVS trips, which is a HUGE deal for a Mama who HATES to buy disposable diapers!  I don't feel like digging out past receipts to prove this or tallying up my savings over the last months, but just TRUST ME...you can do really well shopping at CVS.

We are stocked on deodorant, shampoo, body wash and razors for quite a while, so I can now put my energy into purchasing other things or things for other people.  If I am walking into CVS and there is a sale that will allow me to use a coupon and get back ECB's in order to get an item for free, then I will still buy it, even if we don't need it.  BECAUSE I have a bag filling up nicely to take to the local women's shelter - of stuff I got for free!  It feels really good to have an ever-growing stash of stuff that I may not use, but may bless another person.

Just when I thought I couldn't love CVS any more...I got sick.  You see, CVS sent me 2 coupons for a $25 gift card when I bring a new or transferred prescription to them.  Well, I usually NEVER have a prescription to fill, but just in case, I filed them away in my *Zippered Folder*.  And...I thought about them on my way to the doctor Saturday morning.  And... for the price of being sick and then having to fill 2 prescriptions at CVS, I walked away with $50 in gift cards Saturday afternoon.  It made me feel better already.

THAT is why I love CVS and feel as if I am making money when I shop with them.  I hope you can experience this someday too!  The reason I feel this way about CVS and couponing in general is mostly due to my ongoing relationship with southernsavers.com.  You can be kept up-to-date with the best online deals and the weekly sales at most of the grocery stores and drug stores around.  I don't have to look at a store ad, website, or even write down my own shopping list.  I do it all from this website, which also tells me the available coupons to make store deals even sweeter.  You can learn how to shop for name brand items and get them for next to nothing or free!  I don't think I'll ever go back to shopping my "old way" again.

I'm in love!

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