Monday, July 19, 2010

musical monday

Yesterday at church as we sang Jesus Messiah, I was overwhelmed (again) with the fullness of the song.  It's another great song that Chris Tomlin wrote and it points you straight to the power of the cross and the tremendous debt Christ paid for our sin.  This song is one of my favorites, drawing me into a deeper worship.
The lyrics are below, in bold, with my own expansion of the words in parenthesis.  May this song lead you in to worship today.  Not sure what or how to worship?  Check out a recap of our pastor's Worship Made Simple message below the song.

He (Christ) became sin (belonging to this world)
Who knew no (not in any degree or manner) sin 
That we might (have a chance to) become His 
Righteousness (declared innocent and guiltless)
He humbled (lowered in condition, importance, or dignity)

himself and carried (bore the weight, burden of) the cross 

Love (being patient, kind, and not envious or proudso
Love (not behaving rudely or seeking its own) so (very) 
amazing (astonishing)


Jesus (Son of God) Messiah (promised Deliverer)
Name (renown) above all names 
Blessed (worthy of adoration) Redeemer (Restorer)
Emmanuel (God with us)
The rescue (liberator) for sinners (evildoers)
The ransom (redeemer) from Heaven 
Jesus Messiah (expected Savior)
Lord (Master) of all (everything)

His body (substance) the bread (sustenance)
His blood (vitality) the wine (drink offering)
Broken (crushed) and poured out (flowed forth) 
all for (with the object or purpose of) 
love (not being provoked or seeking any evil)
The whole earth (not heaven) trembled (shook from fear)
And the veil (something that covers, separates, screens, 
or conceals) was torn (permanently divided)

Love (rejoicing in the truth and bearing all thing) so amazing
Love (hoping, enduring, and never God
so amazing (awe-inspiring)yeah (yes!)

Jesus (the Christ) Messiah (anticipated Redeemer) 
Name above (higher in rank, authority, or power) all names 
Blessed (Holy) Redeemer (Savior)
Emmanuel (Jesus)
The rescue (Redeemer) for sinners (you and me)
The ransom (the sum or price paid or demanded) 
from Heaven (perfection)
Jesus (God) Messiah (expected Liberator of a captive people)
Lord (King) of all (each of us)

All (every) our hope (confident expectation) is in You (Savior)
All (the sum total of) our hope (trust) is in (founded in) You 
All the glory (adoration, praise, worship) to You, (the one true) God 
The light (source of illumination) of (found in) the world (darkness)

Worship Made Simple (John 4:20-24)

1. Worship is DIRECTED to the Father 
There is only one God and he is the object of our worship.

2. Worship is DESIGNED for any location 
If you are a Christian, then you are a sanctuary for worship!

3. Worship is DISCOVERED through Jesus Christ 
You need a relationship with Christ, then he enables you to worship.

Any questions?  Feel free to e-mail me!

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