Wednesday, October 6, 2010

...back from vacation...

We finally got a chance to enjoy some time away as a family this past week.

And part of me is still there.

And part of me was already there before we went.

It wasn't long enough.

But it doesn't matter how I feel, we're back.  But along with the crazy change of seasons came another cold for me this year (more than I can ever remember having!) that is all my excuse of not blogging.  My brain has been at the beach and now still feels "swimmy."

We didn't have the best of weather at the beach, but it was such a great time to get away and I went crazy trying to photograph our trip well.  And that was so much fun!  We stumbled across Fort Macon, which was an amazing place to take pictures! I LOVE taking pictures of Elijah, so I'll use any excuse to do so. And my husband surprisingly let me get some of him and he got in on the fun, taking pictures of me! Here's a taste of our trip through photos.

Thanks for being forgiving blog readers!

I know it's a gazillion pictures...but I just can't choose!


Mandy said...

Awesome pics! Very artistic. :-) That one of just Justin looks like he's modeling for a magazine. Haha. Thought about y'all with the storms passing through, but it looks like you had a great time anyway. :-)

erin, maker of chimes said...

You got some amazing pictures of your trip!

Kelly said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures...Thanks for sharing them! Miss you!!!