Wednesday, October 27, 2010

how to get the most out of swagbucks!

If you haven't yet signed up for Swagbucks, you should do it!  Go ahead, just take my word for it - sign up here!

But if you're still skeptical, here's the deal with Swagbucks.  SB is an easy way to earn free stuff.  If you use internet search engines often, then you should definitely sign up with SB as soon as you finish reading this!  By searching through Swagbucks, you will randomly earn Swagbucks' "digital dollars."  These can accumulate quickly in you SB account to allow you to save up for great free stuff (or swag).

So, here's my view on how to get the most out of Swagbucks once you sign up:
  1. Use as your search engine.  You will randomly earn different increments of Swagbucks as you search.
  2. Definitely download the Swagbucks toolbar to make it easier to search through Swagbucks and keep up with your own account.  You get one Swagbuck just for having the toolbar when you first open your browser each day, although this doesn't work in Google Chrome.  
  3. Take the daily poll on Swagbucks to get one extra Swagbuck per day.
  4. Refer people to Swagbucks.  This is the best way to earn more because you will get every Swagbuck your friends get, up to 1,000 SB.  This really helps the SB's add up!
  5. Choose a Swagbucks banner like those here to add to your blog or website so that others can find out about Swagbucks and start helping you earn more.
  6. Search & Win
  7. Become a fan of Swagbucks on Facebook to keep up with current codes to win more SB's.
  8. Watch videos on Swagbucks TV to earn more SB's.
  9. A new feature that I saw today - Sign up to receive 50 SB's every year on your birthday!
  10. Check out the Swagbucks blog for randomly given codes that can be entered to earn more SB's.
  11. Add  a Swagbucks widget to your blog or website in order to refer friends and keep up with new codes to earn more SB's.
There are even more ways to earn that you can read about here.  You can also find answers to frequently asked questions here.  Read more tips about earning SB's here.

If you still aren't convinced that earning SB's is easy and profitable, then check out the possible free stuff you can get here.  I have always bought Amazon gift cards with my Swagbucks, so those are my favorite!

Don't wait, start earning Swagbucks today!

Any other ways I missed?  Any questions? - Just ask me!

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