Saturday, October 30, 2010

a little craftiness

I found this great idea for an easy and inexpensive Fall wreath here and here the other day, and since my doors are completely boring everywhere I look in my house, I couldn't wait to try it!

Too bad I actually found the brown coffee filters (which I had no idea existed), but our Wal-Mart did not have the styrofoam wreath ring that I needed.  Since it was 10 o'clock last night and I had no other options of stores and being crafty was on my mind, I opted for a styrofoam ball and figured that I would attempt a coffee filter floral-like ball.  (Whatever you want to call it!)

Here's how it turned out...

And here's how I did it...

It's not my favorite, but it was pretty easy and I can't wait to make the wreath version of it when I get the styrofoam ring!  I just don't have a great place to hang the ball version of it.

Meanwhile, Justin was working on this...

His pumpkin version of David Crowder, who looks like this: 
I just can't compete with that talent!

But, I made these while I was waiting on Justin to finish:

That's about as good as my pumpkin carving gets!

Yesterday, our little family came up with this:
So now my house is a disaster and I'm off to clean!

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Mandy said...

I'll bet the wreath is going to look awesome. :-) Please share when you've finished!

Also, I love Justin's David Crowder pumpkin! Joe and I started a tradition of carving after we got married, and we like finding unique non-halloween things to carve. It's time-consuming (at least for me... I'm a perfectionist), but it's a lot of fun. :-) If you're interested, check out what we carved this year on Joe's blog: