Monday, October 11, 2010

musical monday

I don't think we can ever be reminded of God's love for us too much.  His love reminds us that He chose us, He seeks a relationship with us, and we can have a relationship with Him because He sent His Son to die for us.  His love is so great it is really indescribable.  There is nothing we can go through where we aren't surrounded by His love, whether or not we are able to see it at the time.  

God's love is amazingly limitless.  With no limit.  It's not going to run out.  So no matter what you are going through, never think that God's love isn't big enough to carry you through.  We can't exhaust His love, so we can have complete peace in that.

Great songs have been written about God's love.  This song was one I first heard at Centrifuge camp in high school and I love it.  I pray that it will encourage you today, as a reminder of God's great love for you!

In what ways have you been experiencing God's great love?

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