Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yes. I admit it. I'm not even ashamed. I am addicted to blogging. I just arrived at the Best Western in Cary for a Post Abortion Training. My mind should not be on blogging, but unfortunately, the bloggy world has taken the place of Facebook, e-mails, and even my cell phone. Really, the only people I have major contact with outside of blogging are the people who don't have blogs and must still be reached through phone or e-mail. Sad, I know (on my part). Since I haven't been online all day, I just had to catch up with everyone's lives.

Well, on to explaining my addiction...I'm sitting in the lobby of the Best Western because I don't have wireless on my laptop and the only internet connection is right here in a little cozy corner of the lobby. So yes, I've got my ethernet cord plugged in, my power cord plugged in, and my mouse plugged into my laptop (and skillfully hidden between my thigh and the arm of the chair because I'm ashamed of the ghetto laptop I have from work!) Not looking too cool right now....all this to say...I'm addicted.

Anyway...I have high hopes for this week and what the Lord is going to teach me and prepare me for in terms of broadening the ministry He has called me to. Pray for me...I know this week is going to be intense.

Things are already looking good, though...The exit I took to get here said "Shopping Centers" under the street name AND there was a Cookout as soon as I got off the exit. Sounds good to me. Since I've vowed to join a gym as soon as I get back from this training, it shouldn't matter how many Cookout milkshakes I get in the next few days, right??


Jeni Sinclair said...

Are you starting the alphabet over? haha Just so you know, you've gotten me addicted as well...it is sad.

Anonymous said...

You're in Cary?! Do you have any breaks?? Keaton and I would love to catch up with you if you do!!!!! :)

Kelly said...

Erin, you've gotten me addicted as well - except I don't do as well at blogging as you do. I hope that you have a great week. I hope that this week is not too challenging!