Sunday, March 2, 2008

u is for upromise

When we lived in Roxboro, I worked at Eckerd (now Rite-Aid) for a little while. I can't say that I enjoyed it, but I did learn a thing or two from that job. One of the things that I believe we have benefited from because of that job is our account at Upromise. When you work at a drugstore like that, you tend to block out the music or the product commercials you hear over the intercom. One commercial I heard again and again, however, was about Upromise and I would see the little Upromise stickers around the store, so I was curious. I mean, a company that promises to take a percentage of the money you spend and put it toward your child's education sounds pretty good! (Even if you don't have children!) So, I checked out their site over a year ago now and we have earned $36.00 towards "Baby Blakley's"* education.

*"Please note: "Baby Blakley" does not yet "exist"!!

I know $36.00 doesn't seem like much, but we haven't had to do anything to earn that money. And... we're atleast 18 years away from needing the money! (Just did the math...if we shopped this way for 18 more years, we would have $648.00) Not much...but, money! Most of the money we earn is through online shopping (my favorite shopping method). Several of the online stores I frequent give a % through Upromise, some of them up to 8%! As I've learned more about different ways to save with Upromise, we've earned a lot more in the past months, so I hope we will be able to save a percentage of our child's money for college one day as the years go by.

Just wanted my blogging friends to have this with it what you choose!


Sheila said...

RYC: That was one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. I pray a lot that my parenting would glorify the Lord and point to Christ and I desire nothing more than to minister to women and encourage them in (and toward!) parenting!

You are going to make an awesome mommy! I can't wait!

Kelly said...

Erin thank you for this blog. I have already started thinking about college expenses for Hunter and I think that even though it may not be a lot by the time he gets to that age...every little bit will help!