Friday, February 29, 2008

t is for total count!

Thanks for the fun feedback on the Quiz! As of midnight on Friday are the results!

1. Sheets at the bottom of the bed tucked in or not tucked in?

(5) tucked (2) not tucked (1) mostly tucked

2. Waffle or Pancake?

(5) Waffle (3) Pancake

3. Do you eat or not eat the peach peel?

(7) Eat (1) "I don't eat peaches"

4. "Deal or No Deal" or "1 vs. 100"?

(6) Deal or No Deal (1) 1 vs. 100 (1) Either

5. Crunchy or chewy cookies?

(7) Chewy (1) Crunchy

6. Do you voice the "h" in humble or not?

(8) Yes!

7. Do you use a bathroom cup?

(1) Yes (6) No (1) "only at Grandma's"

8. Do you eat pizza crust?

(7) Yes (1) "If I'm in the mood"

As for me and Justin:

1. Obviously...Justin is 6'5"...he doesn't like the sheets tucked in. As for me, I didn't learn how to perfectly tuck in the sheets "hotel style" from my mom for nothing!

2. Justin's the waffle guy. I'm the pancake girl. But, as the book says anyway, Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like that makes sense!

3. Justin thinks I'm crazy for eating the peach peel. He doesn't "eat fuzz"!

4. Justin prefers Deal or No Deal. I like 1 vs. 100 But...I do agree with Sheila about Bob Saget!

5. I love chewy, gooey cookies. Justin loves the chrunchy ones! I'm amazed by this!

6. So...I agree with Rebecca, who doesn't say the H in humble?? I discovered that my husband didn't say the h in humble a while ago....that's right...just umble! He said that was always how he heard it growing up.'s hilarious...his family is from Winston-Salem and...sure enough, now that we live here I have heard so many people say "umble." Who knew?!

7. I also haven't used a bathroom cup since I was little and got excited about the Barbie cups...or something like that. My husband likes to treat himself to a nice drink of water from a bathroom cup each night after brushing his teeth. Me...I just cup some water in my hand! But lovingly I continually supply him with little cups for his pleasure!

8. Maybe it's how he stays so skinny (and I don't). Justin leaves the crust on his I just eat it!


Sheila said...

I love it! You are a great alphabetter!

Jeni said...
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Linda said...

1) Tucked in preferably)
2) Pancakes
3) Yes - the peeling
4) Neither - "The Mob"
5) Chewy
6) Sound the "h"
7) Yes
8) Yes

erin blakley said...

better late than never!!