Monday, February 11, 2008

j is for justin's talent

Look at the new artwork we have in our living room! Justin has been wanting to do something artistic on the walls for a while, and he finally decided what to do. This is one of his favorite verses (notice the inspiration for my blog) and we wanted to share it with everyone who walks through our door. I absolutely love this and I look forward to doing more things like this in our house(s) throughout the years. What a blessing to have such a talented husband!

I just put this picture in here so you can see Jazz looking out the cute!! :)

P.S. Notice the new furniture! Yay!...more's on the way!


Rebecca said...

Very Impressive!

Sandra W. said...

I am so glad your furniture finally arrived--they look sooo comfortable. And the artwork is beautiful--great job Justin!!

Sheila said...

Nice new digs! When shall we invite ourselves over???

Kelly said...

Wow- Love it!!! When can I come visit??