Wednesday, February 20, 2008

o is for the office

If you don't know, Justin and I are HUGE fans of The Office! It used to be that on Thursday nights you could find us on the couch laughing hysterically at the characters we have grown to love. Then we would watch it again, since we had videotaped it, and laugh just as hard. For a while there, you seriously couldn't even have a good conversation with Justin if you hadn't watched The Office that week!

That all ended with the ridiculous writer's strike. We survived for a few weeks on our DVD's of the first 3 seasons, but even we got a little tired of watching them again and again. Finally, I checked tonight and The Office returns....drum roll please...on April 10th! I even have to say that I was hoping it would be on next week...not in April. But, oh long as Jim and Pam stay together, I won't complain!!

And, if you can this point in the alphabet, you're gonna get whatever word starts with that letter that I happen to think of during the day!! Hang in there with me! I think the alphabet is helping me to post more, but sorry if my posts lack substance for now!


Sheila said...

Haha, you'll have to call us when it's back on and fill us in. :o)

erin blakley said...

for sure!!