Sunday, February 10, 2008

i is for irony

Justin is the (proud) owner of the following t-shirt:

It's usually hilarious to watch people's faces when he wears it, as they are figuring out. Tonight, however, without thinking about what we were wearing, we went to eat at the Japenese restaurant in town...ironic. Thankfully he had a jacket on!


Sheila said...

I LOVE the new "look"! You're going to have to make me a header for my new blog, I am clueless about that kind of thing!

Miss you!

Windot said...

HEY! I saw your blog through Sheila. What does it take to do a custom header?! I LOVE YOURS! I've been doing blogging for a while, but man are there some great ones out there and with Sheila doing the bloggy move and whatnot, it has inspired me!