Wednesday, March 5, 2008

x is for xplosion!

Sorry…it’s the best I can do…forget about the e!

Last night was not the best cooking night on my record. I stopped by Food Lion on the way home after work to get some of the specials before they went off for the week. That’s when I realized that I had absolutely no plans for dinner. We’re having the choir over to our house Saturday, so I feel that all my cooking brain cells for the week are already allotted for that event. (Not going to be a good eating week for Justin). Sorry honey!

Anyway, I picked up some “Voila” (I think…not sure what brand) frozen “all-in-a-bag-make-in-10 minutes” chicken stir fry dinner. Anything in 10 minutes sounds totally wonderful to me. (I am definitely the product of a fast-food generation, it’s sad). Got home, started that cooking in the wok and then decided to try this “Fast Food (there it is again!) Fried Rice” recipe that I had been wanting to try. So here’s what went down…I had the rice…I had the water…I had the egg…I even had the balsamic vinaigrette dressing (unbelievable) and the soy sauce. I didn’t have the bag of frozen veggies, but I thought, “Surely, not a necessity.” Put the water, egg, and rice in a microwaveable bowl for 5 minutes (covered – just like the recipe said). Fast forward to 13 seconds left on the microwave and “BOOM!” That’s right…huge Xplosion of rice in my microwave! Apparently the frozen veggies are a key ingredient! Who knew!?! That must be the answer…because I refuse to believe that “Fast Food Fried Rice” is not possible in my very own kitchen. I’m still going to try the FFFR recipe as soon as I buy some frozen veggies. Even though the rice blew up it still smelled good…Jazz got a few pieces of rice and she’s still living! Needless to say, we did not eat as much as I had planned (probably not a bad thing) and I actually give the “Voila Chicken Stir Fry Dinner” two thumbs up!

Sorry, there are no pictures…as soon as I scooped the rice out of the microwave I realized that I should have taken pictures to share with the blogging world. Maybe next time!?


Elizabeth said...

I must admit, I'm the queen of exploding microwavable food. Sean has finally learned that it is MUCH better to just put me in a kitchen and let me do everything, even if it's just melt butter.

Z, T, K & baby J#2 said...

We LOVE Viola dinners...we have them atleast once a week ;-)