Wednesday, March 19, 2008

spring cleaning!

Before I head to church tonight, I have got to clean out my purse! I'm going to take you along with me...there's no telling what we'll find....

In order of appearance....

Day planner for LifeLine
Cell phone user manual
Food & Fitness Journal
My cell phone
My day planner
List of videos at LifeLine
Note pad
Receipt from Wendy's
Map from last week's training
Receipt from Hibachi Xpress
Copy of Psalm 51:10-13
Reimbursement check
Another paycheck
Justin's paycheck
Wachovia deposit envelope (you see what I didn't get done today!?)
Small tub of playdough
Empty gum container
Button & thread
Receipt from Chick-fil-a (3/13/08)
Pen holder
Receipt for a Kohl's survey (3/12/08)
Animal Crackers Pet Spa & Resort Pen
Another pencil
Hope for the Heart Abortion Recovery Pen
LifeLine cell phone
10 pieces of gum (just lost two to Jazz!)...make that three!
4 gum wrappers
Mini Krackel wrapper
Mini Hershey wrapper
Another Quarter
Real Simple Speed Cleaning pamphlet (!?)
Entry Code for the church in Cary last week
Wal-mart Receipt (12/28/
JCPenny Receipt (11/30/07)
Mini tape measure

Whew! All of that and only 50 cents?! I was really in need of a purse cleaning! How about you? I'll give you a reason to clean yours...anything interesting hiding in there right now??

Oh...and..I'll answer any questions you have about this random list of items!!


Linda said...

No real question about your list of
findings after cleaning out your
pocketbook except I can't believe
you had 4 checks to be cashed. Now
I don't feel too bad that you're
buying the Easter ham for Sunday's
dinner when you make it to the bank
finally! Maybe that's real incentive to clean it out more
often. Looking forward to hearing
the Easter music at your church
and having dinner at your house.
Thanks for inviting us!
I need to get busy spring cleaning,
also. After all, I believe today
is the first day of spring.

terra said...

Wish you would have done this 2 days ago - I cleaned out the diaper bag - whew...WHAT a disaster :)

I was laughing at the crayon & playdough ;-)

erin blakley said...

disgusting, Terra! Yeah...the playdough and crayon (since I don't have kids!) were from the training last week. Playdough because when we are in the "container" of God's word, we are moldable and usable, but when we get outside of God's word, we dry up and get crusty! Honestly...I don't remember what the crayon was for...hmm...oh yeah...we were taught to color inside the lines, "stay in the box"...but our God tends to color outside of the lines and take us outside of the box!

terra said...

I figured they were from the conference...

And there weren't DIRTY diapers in the bag!!! Just months...and months...and months of bulletins from church, mounds of receipts (mostly from Target!) and gum wrappers...

You made out w/ more change than I did though! hahah!!!

erin blakley said...


Sherlyn said...

Cleaning out my purse....SCARY!!! I'm one of these people that when I get change - I drop it into the bottom of my purse. Once I cleaned it out, I had $5 in change - able to eat out with the girls from work on that surprise!! At the ballfield, I'm the one my husbands buddies come to for stuff. Their like..."I know you probably have this in your purse..." and most of the time their correct!! Bandaids, scissors, ointment, cough drops, asprin, somehow I've even got a roll of black electrical tape (unsure how that got in there). I like being prepared! Its surprising that my back hasn't gave out from the weight!! It was very interesting reading your list!