Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I don't know why, but April's been a blah blogging month. On a good note, many nights I have either been working out, focused on cleaning my house or spending time with Justin and Jazz. I must confess, I feel good on nights when I forget to check all my usual blogs, because too often I spend too much time checking out blogs instead of focusing on things that need to get done.

So...since I've been working out on a more regular basis, I really feel like I have more energy and drive to actually clean my house on the schedule that I like to keep. I try to be organized, but honestly, there are always so many lists going on in my head of things that need to get done, I often end up leaving some things undone.

I've decided to try out the Palm Pilot again. Justin's parents bought one for him a couple Christmas's ago, (I know his mom, like me, will forever try to get him organized!) but for a man who doesn't know how to write a to-do list or use a calendar...that's pretty much an obvious gift that was eventually coming my way. But, I'm not complaining, because it's a list-maker's dream. Also, it really works for me because I can make a list and then see things checked off, then deleted. Just the affirmation I need that I've gotten a job done!

So, I thought I'd share with you my cleaning schedule that (basically) works for me. I've had to start a real cleaning schedule because our house is just too big for us. Even though we really don't need all of these rooms, we still seem to somehow mess them all up each week! (Ironic, because the reason our house was never clean before was because it was too small and I didn't have a place for everything to go!...hmm...maybe it's my fought and not the house's....oh well!) I'm not real legalistic about the schedule or anything. It does feel good, though, when I stay on some sort of schedule and don't have to clean the entire house on my day off!

Monday: clean family room, guest room, light laundry load
Tuesday: dark laundry load, water plants, iron clothes
Wednesday: clean lower bathroom, kitchen, dining room, white laundry load, plan menu, sort coupons
Thursday: vaccumn, clean living room, wash towels, grocery shopping
Friday: water plants, pay bills, file papers, clean upstairs
Saturday: clean kitchen, cars, collect trash

Whew! That list is making me tired. I really have to logically think through everything I do...it's just the way my brain works. :) I guess I'll just keep trying to perfect my schedule until we have children and I know it will probably all be up in the air!

As you see, today was ironing day, which has been happening during American Idol at night. As I was ironing tonight, I thought of something very ironic (!?). And that was...why do I actually take precious time ironing Justin's sleeve's on his shirts when they're all too short anyway, and he's just going to roll them up as soon as he puts the shirt on...hmm...something to remember next Tuesday night...

Sorry...I know the last thing any of you want to read about tonight is cleaning, but there's my post anyway!

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