Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm back...I think!

So...I've never been a gym member...not really my thing, I guess. :) How interesting that it quickly becomes "your thing" when you're 8 years out of high school, no longer playing sports (for the past 8 years), not walking around a college campus anymore, married and getting fat. Anyone there with me?? (please say yes!) Yes...I'm just plain getting fat. I know that can be a relative term...but I know it's true for me.

I know it's true because I have clothes in my closet that are four sizes smaller and haven't been worn for years. (I'm definitely holding on to the past!)

I know it's true because I get winded when walking the steps a few times in our house.

I know it's true because I somedays I'd rather wear Justin's gym shorts than squeeze into my own (sooo sad). get the's time to face reality. Amazingly, God is so patient with me. My eating habits and lack of exercise are too often acts of flat out disobedience and definitely not respectful of this earthly body God has given me. Knowing this, I've prayed and prayed for God to help me eat well and have the discipline to get up and work out. He's given me the desire (which I know is definitely Him, not me). Now it's time to do my part and work along side the Holy Spirit's work in my life. No more being lazy.

This is where you come in. ( this!) Help me...pray for me...ask me how the workouts are going...encourage me to eat well. I know you will because I know if you're reading this you care about me or atleast care about reading what I have to say. So...thanks for your support.

____________________________________________ share the gym stories...

I haven't officially joined the gym yet. Last Friday started my free trial week and I plan to join after its over. I actually heard about this gym that is right down the road from our house from a sweet "Senior Saint" in our church. I wanted to check it out because its literally 30 seconds down the street if I I knew even I could get myself up to drive 30 seconds to a gym! (A minute might be pushing it! - sadly, I know my own nature).

I went last Thursday to checkout the facility, had a tour from a nice lady, but couldn't help noticing that everyone working out at the time as well as my tour guide was over 50. Not that I have a problem with older women, but I was starting to wonder if this was the place for me. I continued getting the tour...nice equipment...beautiful, feminine decor (it's a women's only gym)...friendly people...nice pitchers of water to enjoy...puzzle to work on while you cool down...nice locker room, you know...very modern. But...rewind..."puzzle to work on???" Yes...this is the moment that I seriously thought, "This might just be an old lady gym!" I mean, the only place I know that has puzzles laying out to work on is in the retirement home! I was seriously laughing inside and probably always will when I walk past the puzzle table!

I kept an open mind, however, and came in Friday for my first workout. Same old scenario...everyone was over 50 when I got there. Eventually, a few women in their 40's came in...I started to not feel so young. It honestly hadn't bothered me though, because the last thing I need for my self-esteem is a gorgeous 20 year old working out right beside me. I feel great when I'm surpassing the women around me (even if it's because they have back problems or something!)

Today was the first day I've gone back since last week. I just did not want to get out of bed before work on Monday and Tuesday. I am not a morning person in the first place so every day is a battle to get up without snoozing 10 times. Well, my workout today was great. AND there were some women there a lot closer to my age!! That excites me. One of the reasons I want to go to the gym is to meet some ladies in the community. Hopefully I can build some relationships while working out. Gotta bring as many positives to this workout scenario as I can!!

I look forward to working out more. I have felt great both days when I worked out. Working out always makes me more conscious about my food choices as well. Unfortunately, as the day goes by I start to be more slack about my choices. I've been trying not to eat after 8, which gets difficult when Justin doesn't eat until after choir practice on Wednesdays. So...we headed out to McDonald's tonight to get him some dinner. I was weak and had a Hot Fudge Sunday, but...surely it balances out since we walked there! Yes...that's right...I truely have too much temptation before me every day. McDonald's is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from our house. Honestly and sadly, my biggest weakness. I'm proud to announce however, that I have not had fried food in 15 days! Quite an accomplishment for me, the ultimate fry lover.

Anyways...I'm rambling...but hopefully giving you an idea of how desperately I need your prayers and encouragement. I know us women have to stick together!! Thanks for letting me be honest!


Sherlyn said...

Hey Erin, I understand the struggles you are going through regarding eating right and exercise. You've gotten alot furthur then me though! I've been working on eating right since November - I go on again, off again - but exercise! huh! I hate it! We do have a new puppy who has got me moving more, thank goodness! But after working all day, the last thing I want to do is come home and workout. I am a morning person but I'm usually in work by 7:30am - so I would have to get up at 5:30am in order to work out in the morning - I'm not that much of a morning person now mind you! I'm hoping to get my butt in gear and get with it soon. Works been pretty crazy but its slowly letting up now. I'll keep checking in with you and seeing how you are doing...Good luck! Sherlyn

Windot said...

LOVED this post! I am so there with you girlfriend! It's like I know what to do to get in shape, its just a matter of putting forth energy and DOING IT! I really hope you stick with it, because YOU CAN! It actually encouraged me to get my fat butt back in gear too, ha ha!!!

erin blakley said...

aw...thanks so much girls!

Sheila said...

I LOVED curves when I was a member, there are so many positives to that place! (And it's encouraging to be measured each month and SEE results in inches lost!)