Wednesday, April 9, 2008

welcome home present

So after a wonderful day of work (honestly), I got home, walked in the door and realized that our dryer was running (it's right by our back door). I was confused for a few seconds...I knew that I (obviously) didn't have anything going in the dryer because I hadn't been home in 6 hours. Justin was at youth choir practice and I couldn't think of what he might have been drying. (Mostly because I don't think he knows how the dryer works! ya, honey!).

So...I hesitantly opened the door and about fell over. There was a cat in there!

*Warning* If you are an EVBC member...this next part might spoil a Sunday surprise!...You may not want to read :)

Thankfully, it was not, I repeat, not a real cat.

As usual, being the music minister's wife, I have been well aware of what the plans are for this Sunday's service. They happen to include a promotional video for a great sermon series our pastor Johnny will be doing on Wednesday nights. (Can't tell you yet, though!!)

A new sermon series for Johnny equals hours of thinking, planning, and yes, scheming for Justin. Lucky me...I get to see and hear all of that for weeks as Justin runs ideas by me. Lucky for our congregation...Justin runs ideas by me so that they are not subjected to some (a lot!) of them. God has gifted Justin with an incredible sense of humor and great, crafty ideas to engage our congregation and encourage them toward participation (in my personal opinion). I guess He has also gifted me with a skepticism and just enough discernment to help look at the possible outcomes for some of his ideas and hopefully encourage or discourage ideas, accordingly. This time, thankfully I only ended up with a stuffed cat in my dryer. It could have been worse. You'll soon understand...

I promise I'll link you to the video for Sunday when it's been "released," but for now, you can be thankful with me that it was only a stuffed cat involved in this filming.


Elizabeth said...

I'm pretty amused by this, and sad that I won't get to be there for the Wednesday night series. Any chance I could get some insider info since I won't be there?

Sherlyn said...

Oh please post the link. I love it when activities, movie clips, drama, etc is incorporated into to sermons and messages. I can't wait to hear about the outcome! Our pastor is really good about this and he's good about giving out little things to take home for reminders - I have a rock, a seed, a small crackerjack type toy, a (fake) pearl, a nail, a bouncy ball, and a whole lot of other stuff. We are currently looking to go to a third service on Sundays in the near future. Don't know how they do it....but it definately enriches my life!!!

Sheila said...

A cat in the dryer?-- Child's Play!

erin blakley said... always make me smile!

Sherlyn...tangible items like that always help me remember a message! know you have to wait like everyone else!! It was good to see you home Sunday :)